Streamsoft Verto

Better side of ERP

Streamsoft Verto

Better side of ERP


Contemporary consumers like to have a choice, hence they use available means and media (auction sites, online stores, B2B platforms, stationary stores, showrooms, smartphone applications) to make the shopping process as convenient as possible. Therefore, the sellers face a huge challenge to reach customers through various media and tools to get them interested in their brand. Omnichannel is an attempt to combine various forms of reaching recipients. Sellers, however, need a proven system that will support the mechanisms of multi-channel and allow them to properly handle it.

The Streamsoft Verto ERP system keep up with the dynamic changes in the area of e-commerce and the new Omnichannel trend, ensuring the fulfillment of expectations in the field of online and offline sales:

  1. Performs registration of orders for multi-channel sales

Customer orders placed via various channels (e-stores, auction platforms, and stationary stores) are directed to one place in the system – the order registry. By assigning the right sales channel number to the customer, it is possible to quickly classify the customer’s order and adjust the execution method to suit the requirements of given sales channel.

  1. Manages stock level in the multi-distribution

Stock levels are handled and updated automatically in all distribution channels. It increases the sales potential of companies that can offer so-called unified inventory of products without the need to assign specific quantities to the appropriate channels.

  1. Supports the delivery

The system registers orders from various sources (e-shop, auction platforms, stationary store, e-mail). After confirming the status of payment and availability, information about readiness for further processing automatically goes to the warehouse where the process of picking, verification, packing and shipping is carried out according to sales directions.

The system works successfully in the processess related to E-commerce and Retail, where it forms well organized and functional back-office.

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We offer a modern ERP solution dedicated to retail industry, which allowed to improve the activity of retail market leaders, increasing the efficiency and productivity of companies.

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We designed the proprietary POS Streamsoft Verto module, which is dedicated to omnichannel (ecommerce and retail).

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The Streamsoft Verto enables management of a high-bay warehouse, thanks to the WMS module – an integral part of the system.

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Basic functionalities of the Streamsoft Verto ERP system that will work well in multi-channel sales:

  • Global, high-performance database
  • Automation of repetitive processes related to customer service
  • Handling of multiple sales channels in one system: e-commerce (including Magento, IAI Shop, Shoper, Presta Shop, I-Systems), auction platforms (Allegro, Ebay, Amazon), b2b, retail POS (own, franchise sales network), dropshipping, cross-dock
  • Handling of multi-company consolidation
  • Openness to integration with tools such as price comparison websites, affiliate systems, beacons, facebook, salesmanago, google merchant, VOIP
  • Handling settlements with e-payment operators (including PayU, PayPal, banks), courier companies (among others DHL, UPS, Fedex, Raben, DPD, GLS)
  • Ability to integrate with suppliers (EDI)
  • Built-in WMS module for fast logistic support of receptions, picking, verification, inventorying
  • Integration with courier companies’ systems in the scope of assigning waybills, label printing, registering shipment statuses or settlement of cash on deliveries
  • After-sales service in terms of returns and complaints

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