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Streamsoft Verto

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The concept of creating high-bay warehouses has primarily one goal – to optimize the use of storage space – which is important when the number of stored files exceeds several thousand. It would be difficult to manage this type of warehouse without an appropriate IT system or devices facilitating and automating four basic warehouse processes: reception, storage, picking and release

Optimization and control of warehouse processes

Due to the WMS module, an integral part of the system, the Streamsoft Verto enables the management of high-bay warehouse. Main task of the WMS module is to support the organization, management and optimization of the warehouse operation. The Streamsoft Verto WMS works perfectly in large warehouses, where it is necessary to plan and coordinate work of many teams, register and monitor warehouse events, create distribution algorithms, control the parameters of storage locations and perform number of other activities that determine the efficient implementation of warehouse processes (e.g. picking and verification), so that the customer waits the shortest possible time for completion of his order.

Benefits of having Streamsoft Verto WMS:

  • Managing work in the warehouse
  • Operating on storage collectors
  • Creating, settling and optimizing tasks for warehouse employees
  • Optimizing stock
  • Location of goods
  • Control of warehouse turnover
  • Verifying the compliance of deliveries with orders
  • Planning shipments from the warehouse
  • Determining the optimal level of logistics costs
  • Integration with other logistics systems used in a company (sorting cabinets – pick to light)
  • Dedicated panel for verification of shipments and printing of necessary documents (FV, receipt, material release receipt, courier label)

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